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Granddaughter Mia Makes Donation To Wigs For Kids

Mia Chmielewski, the granddaughter of Stacy Tunnell decided to generously donate her hair to Wigs For Kids. She made quite the donation too. As you can see she was really pleased with the result. If you have hair you would like to donate or if you know someone, call 812-945-5480 for more information. You can also visit the Wigs For Kids Website here.

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Half Off All Clothing – Threadz Online

Shop and Save Online!

We are excited to offer all of the clothing in the Strandz and Threadz Online store 50% off through February 28th. Just go to and click on store and start browsing and saving on our unique line of clothing you are not likely to find anywhere else. Go Ahead and give it try, but hurry these are mostly one of a kind items and once they are gone, well they are gone.

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Snippin’ Sisters: Meet Miranda!

In this Snippin’ Sisters Segment, we’re introducing you to Miranda! She’s the wonderful smile you see when you walk through the door and hear on the other line. Miranda’s been with us for a little over a year now, and we’re lucky that her husband let Stefanie snatch her up for ourselves during the week! Miranda needed a change of scenery after the passing of their sweet baby girl, Athena, and we were more than happy to welcome her with open arms. She’s become our right-hand (wo)man and we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

“They call me ‘the voice.'” she kids, “Whenever there’s a complaint or issue I try to find resolution, but I don’t have a specific title.”

She takes care of all of our confirmations, call backs, birthday calls, she opens/closes – shoot she does just about everything customer care related you could possibly think of! We call her the Miracle Worker.

Miranda’s a laidback soul when she’s not keeping us in line here at the shop. She rocks out in pajamas and bonds with her family on the weekends –oh, and travels, she loves to travel. Miranda, her husband, Adam and their son, Aden, recently went to Disney. “Nothing could have prepared me for all the walking you do in Disney,” she huffed, “I thought, ‘oh, I’ll just need a comfortable pair of sandals…’ We walked 19 miles at Magic Kingdom alone and did all four parks in four days. I don’t know that I want to go back (haha).”

So why does Miranda work so well with us here at Strandz & Threadz? She’s essentially the icing on our cupcake. Her megawatt smile, relatable and caring nature makes her the perfect person to help you when you have a question. Pair that with the fact that she went to beauty school and she’s the whole package! She’s even helped schedule a full lineup of services for a gentleman who wanted to get ready for a “night out”.

“My first day here, I was making birthday calls. I rang this lady to tell her happy birthday, but her husband answered and started crying. She’d passed away two months ago and the day I called was her actual birthday. I didn’t have the right words to say, but I totally cried for & with. It meant so much to him that we called. We just care here at Strandz and that means a lot to me. You just don’t find that anymore.”

So the next time you need something at Strandz and Threadz, feel free to drop us a line and Miranda will be more than happy to take care of you.

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Tea Time Tuesday

It is Tea Time Tuesday in the shop at! It’s BOGO on any of the great teas from For Teas Sake. Delicious blended teas form relaxation and wellness. Try some today and get two for one price. No limit ends at midnight. Ship to your door or pick up at the shop.

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The Santa Project! Make Christmas Fun Again

Are you hard to buy for? If so, The Santa Project at Strandz and Threads is the fun answer!   You come in and choose things from the salon or the boutique, things you like and things that you know will fit. You can choose anything, clothing, jewelry and collectibles. When you are finished, we will hold your items for one week and give you a hint card with instructions form your S.O. to come but and choose gifts from among the group you chose. We will make that visit fun too with snacks and a complimentary beverage, even a beer. Once the gifts are chosen, we will even offer Gift Wrapping. It is Christmas made fun and easy again.

Call Or Stop By To Begin You Santa Project Today!

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