Snippin’ Sisters: Meet Amy!

Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be Strandz & Threadz without the wonderful ladies that make up our work family! These ladies take care of all your salon and spa needs, and they’re the drive behind everything we do. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our newest blog segment, “Snippin’ Sisters”. In these pieces, we’re going to give you a highlight of each of our employees so that you can feel confident coming in and booking their services. Our first Snippin’ Sister is Miss Amy.

Amy has been with Strandz & Threadz for three years now, but has been providing cosmetology services for 13 years. Little known fact? She used to be a teacher at the Empire Beauty School. If you need something new, than Amy is the lady to see! Her skills include tape in hair extensions for those tired of waiting for their locks to break free of the awkward inbetween stage (click here for 5 reasons you should try them), and providing you with fashion colors. So she’s the chick with the chic colors to brighten up your palate. Blues, purples, pinks – oh my!

Even though she lives in Bullet County, Kentucky, Amy crosses the river to hang out with us during the week. But when she’s not at S&T, you can find her hanging out with her fiancé, six-year-old daughter, Aubrey, and nine-month-old baby boy, Zane.

“I’m pretty much an open book.” Amy says, “My evenings consist of laundry and cooking, and when I’m here [at Strandz & Threadz] it’s hair. I work out two to three times a week and I hang out with my family.”

Amy’s also working out the details to bring spray tanning services to S&T! But she admits that out of all the services we provide, she won’t do nails. “I’m absolutely awful,” she jokes, “I can do it but it’d take me twice as long as the other girls.”

Yet with all the other amazing services she provides, this ma’am definitely gives us a fun edge to our salon!

Interested in booking Amy? First time guests call 812.945.5480. Been to Strandz & Threadz before? Use our online booking today to check appointments, service history and even view your profile.  Your username is your name and your password is your phone number (easy as pie)!