Amber is Snippin’ in This Week’s Segment!

We’re clipping along with our Snippin‘ Sisters segment and introducing you to Amber! She’s been with us almost a year! She set her sights on Strandz and Threadz back in school and we were the first place she applied to. Needless to say, we loved her from the start!  
Amber provides our guests with all kinds of services, including mani/pedis, waxing, facials, colors and cuts. Though her best skill is highlighting, she has a true color love. “My favorite thing is any kind of blonde-ing,” she says, “so any kind of highlights, balaygeombre. Blonde is what I really love to do.” 
And even though she rocks blonde at work, her true color is an aqua-mint blue. Why? Because that’s the color of her mermaid tail! That’s right, she walks around the salon with no problem, but Amber’s really a mermaid! Her aquatic passion means she’s acquired quite the collection of items, clothing and fashion items, and her Instagram (@ambermaythemermaid) is filled to the gills with it 
“If you’re around me enough you’ll pick up on it,” she jokes, “I’ll have things or I’ll say things that are mermaid-y. Most of my friends will see something in that shade and they’ll pick it up for me because they know that’s my color.”  
This lovely mer-lady has live in New Albany for almost seven years now. Before she joined our team, she was a preschool teacher, and has been married to her wonderful hubby for a little over a year. Amber is an amazing addition to our group and she’d love to have you in her chair! 
First time guests can book Amber by call 812.945.5480. Been to Strandz & Threadz before? Use our online booking today to check appointments, service history and even view your profile. Simply click here; your username is your name and your password is your phone number (easy as pie)!