Melisa is a Snippin’ Sister

We’ve got more inside information with this week’s Snippin‘ Sisters segment! This week, we’re taking a look at another new family member. Say hello to Melisa! This Panama native has lived in Corydon since 1996 with her husband. But now that her son is out of the house, she’s looking to move closer to the shop and all the excitement that’s happening in Southern Indiana.  
Melisa is one of our estheticians. As such, she specializes in skin care and makeup. In fact, Melisa has done work with fashion designers on photo shoots! She’s also bringing microblading and eyelash extensions to the table.  
“I love the skin,” Melisa says, “anything that has to do with beauty. Things that make people feel good in general, and I feel like this industry calls for that. You have to have fun and be able to cheer people up.” 
But makeup is really her specialty. Thanks to her creative streak, she’s able to do some amazing work! “It’s like a canvas. When we start, we talk about the occasion and what you’re wearing, as well as what goes well with your skin. And as I get going, it just keeps evolving into something else until you get to the final work.” 
She jokes about her habit of talking while she’s working. But don’t worry, you don’t have to answer! She’s just making decisions and thinking out loud to help get those creative juices flowing! Although she’s a self-proclaimed “late bloome r,” Melisa is one driven lady and says that continued learning is her ultimate ambition. Which is just one reason why we love her  
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