Love is in the hair: Strandz gift guide to Valentine’s day

Valentines day is next week everyone! Take a moment.. I couldn’t believe it either. Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays. Seeing people do things for others just to make them happy makes me happy. Despite the over commercialization of every holiday, putting forth a little extra effort to show someone what they mean to you is never a bad thing. The history of how we came to celebrate love on February 14 is complicated but interesting here’s the Wikipedia for your reading pleasure.

Working for 12 years in this industry I’ve seen how good a new color, cut, spa service makes people feel. Most of us don’t do enough to shake off the stress and toll every day life takes on our hair skin and body. Here is your guide to giving a gift that will lift your loved ones spirit an have a positive effect on their well being.

Our Valentines day specials:

Every gift card over 100 purchased between now and Valentines day will receive a large tin of  Hint mints!

Anyone that books with Amber on Saturday February 11th will receive a complimentary polish change.

All retail purchased on Saturday February 11th can be packaged as a valentines day gift

You cant go wrong with any of our services. The gift of a massage is a great idea for any one. stop in and ask for a Valentine’s day gift card from our amazing massage therapist Suzie!

Jacqueline is our shellac expert. She can give you designs to fit any occasion. We offer facials, mani-pedi, conditioning treatments and color experts to help your loved one feel their very best.