Amber is Snippin’ in This Week’s Segment!

We’re clipping along with our Snippin‘ Sisters segment and introducing you to Amber! She’s been with us almost a year! She set her sights on Strandz and Threadz back in school and we were the first place she applied to. Needless to say, we loved her from the start!  
Amber provides our guests with all kinds of services, including mani/pedis, waxing, facials, colors and cuts. Though her best skill is highlighting, she has a true color love. “My favorite thing is any kind of blonde-ing,” she says, “so any kind of highlights, balaygeombre. Blonde is what I really love to do.” 
And even though she rocks blonde at work, her true color is an aqua-mint blue. Why? Because that’s the color of her mermaid tail! That’s right, she walks around the salon with no problem, but Amber’s really a mermaid! Her aquatic passion means she’s acquired quite the collection of items, clothing and fashion items, and her Instagram (@ambermaythemermaid) is filled to the gills with it 
“If you’re around me enough you’ll pick up on it,” she jokes, “I’ll have things or I’ll say things that are mermaid-y. Most of my friends will see something in that shade and they’ll pick it up for me because they know that’s my color.”  
This lovely mer-lady has live in New Albany for almost seven years now. Before she joined our team, she was a preschool teacher, and has been married to her wonderful hubby for a little over a year. Amber is an amazing addition to our group and she’d love to have you in her chair! 
First time guests can book Amber by call 812.945.5480. Been to Strandz & Threadz before? Use our online booking today to check appointments, service history and even view your profile. Simply click here; your username is your name and your password is your phone number (easy as pie)!  

Melisa is a Snippin’ Sister

We’ve got more inside information with this week’s Snippin‘ Sisters segment! This week, we’re taking a look at another new family member. Say hello to Melisa! This Panama native has lived in Corydon since 1996 with her husband. But now that her son is out of the house, she’s looking to move closer to the shop and all the excitement that’s happening in Southern Indiana.  
Melisa is one of our estheticians. As such, she specializes in skin care and makeup. In fact, Melisa has done work with fashion designers on photo shoots! She’s also bringing microblading and eyelash extensions to the table.  
“I love the skin,” Melisa says, “anything that has to do with beauty. Things that make people feel good in general, and I feel like this industry calls for that. You have to have fun and be able to cheer people up.” 
But makeup is really her specialty. Thanks to her creative streak, she’s able to do some amazing work! “It’s like a canvas. When we start, we talk about the occasion and what you’re wearing, as well as what goes well with your skin. And as I get going, it just keeps evolving into something else until you get to the final work.” 
She jokes about her habit of talking while she’s working. But don’t worry, you don’t have to answer! She’s just making decisions and thinking out loud to help get those creative juices flowing! Although she’s a self-proclaimed “late bloome r,” Melisa is one driven lady and says that continued learning is her ultimate ambition. Which is just one reason why we love her  
Interested in booking Melisa? First time guests call 812.945.5480. Been to Strandz & Threadz before?  Use our online booking today to check appointments, service history and even view your profile. Simply click here; your username is your name and your password is your phone number (easy as pie)! 

Snippin’ Sisters: Meet Amy!

Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be Strandz & Threadz without the wonderful ladies that make up our work family! These ladies take care of all your salon and spa needs, and they’re the drive behind everything we do. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our newest blog segment, “Snippin’ Sisters”. In these pieces, we’re going to give you a highlight of each of our employees so that you can feel confident coming in and booking their services. Our first Snippin’ Sister is Miss Amy.

Amy has been with Strandz & Threadz for three years now, but has been providing cosmetology services for 13 years. Little known fact? She used to be a teacher at the Empire Beauty School. If you need something new, than Amy is the lady to see! Her skills include tape in hair extensions for those tired of waiting for their locks to break free of the awkward inbetween stage (click here for 5 reasons you should try them), and providing you with fashion colors. So she’s the chick with the chic colors to brighten up your palate. Blues, purples, pinks – oh my!

Even though she lives in Bullet County, Kentucky, Amy crosses the river to hang out with us during the week. But when she’s not at S&T, you can find her hanging out with her fiancé, six-year-old daughter, Aubrey, and nine-month-old baby boy, Zane.

“I’m pretty much an open book.” Amy says, “My evenings consist of laundry and cooking, and when I’m here [at Strandz & Threadz] it’s hair. I work out two to three times a week and I hang out with my family.”

Amy’s also working out the details to bring spray tanning services to S&T! But she admits that out of all the services we provide, she won’t do nails. “I’m absolutely awful,” she jokes, “I can do it but it’d take me twice as long as the other girls.”

Yet with all the other amazing services she provides, this ma’am definitely gives us a fun edge to our salon!

Interested in booking Amy? First time guests call 812.945.5480. Been to Strandz & Threadz before? Use our online booking today to check appointments, service history and even view your profile.  Your username is your name and your password is your phone number (easy as pie)!

A Nod to the 90’s

It’s time for another flashback! Back to some of the best romantic comedies ever produced; when Fruitopia had their own drink machines and your kid wanted every known school supplies product created by Lisa Frank. That’s right folks, we’re headed back to the 90’s!
Grab that yellow Tupperware pitcher with the push button lid, slip on a choker and dig out the beanie baby collection because we need your helpWe want to see all those glorious photos from this decade that you have hidden away from polite company! Send us your photos via a private message on our Facebook page and be entered to win a gift card with an AVEDA Product bag.  
Yeah…we definitely needed some hair therapy after all the crazy things we did to our luscious locks! 
Crazy hair colors like Milla Jovovich’s tangerine locks in “The Fifth Element” really took off in the 90’s! Crimping came on the scene thanks to Wayne’s World, and Gwen Stefanie rocked electric blue raver buns on the top of her noggin. Those of us with a little less enthusiasm for the color wheel had enough scrunchies to keep even Cher’s curls in check. That, or we went with the timeless Hair Flip that the Olsen Twins perfected. 
*romantic sigh* Don’t you just miss this decade? 
So be sure to stop by on Thursday, June 29th for our party where we’ll reveal all our 90’s memorabilia and have famous appetizers and drinks from the decade! Can’t make it? Come by any time during the day to see the girls dressed in their favorite 90’s attire. We can’t wait to see you!


All this hot weather has us thinking it’s time for some cool new looks! Which means it’s time to clear out the store front to make room for more fabulous pieces! Come shop the Threadz boutique this Saturday, June 3rd  for our first bi-annual STYLE SALE! Amazing gifts (for yourself) will be marked down to $20, $10 and even $1 
We want you to know that Strandz & Threadz listen, and that’s why we’ve been in the process of narrowing down what our clients enjoy the most. So this Style Sale is going to help us refocuse our selection, meaning that some of the items on sale will no longer be sold come restock time. Don’t worry! You can still find your next date night outfit, all your accessories, and gifts for that special occasion while you wait for a mani or massage.  
– Our Style Sale Tip – 
Stock up on wine accessories for those get-togethers with the girls. That way, whether you’re sipping pool side or snuggled in for a movie night you’ll be the hostess with the most-ess
We’re also heating up our inside scoop! Strandz & Threadz will now be publishing a blog every other week. You can view it in our e-newsletter, on our website and we’ll be posting them to our Facebook page as well. What are we going to talk about? A little bit of everything!  
We’ll discuss trending colors and cuts, detail events and special offers, and give you an inside look at our team and all the amazing things they’re capable of! We’re even going to give you a behind the scenes account of our photo shoots! Have a topic you want covered? Email your ideas here 
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